Saturday, April 03, 2004

Learning and change at work

Change is here to stay!

The only thing consistent about tomorrow is that it will be different from today.

For individuals, groups and organisations to become part of the future, we need to change. There is risk involved, but that risk is not as great as the certainty of collapse if we decide to do nothing. Comfort and pride in the current situation can only lead to our inevitable demise.

And by constantly looking over your shoulder at what others are doing in the vain hope of catching up with them, can only ever be a short-term reactive, backward-looking response. At best you can only ever keep your head above water. It is not a long-term sustainable strategy, because the water's rising.

Instead, the future belongs to those of us who are not just managing change, but making it happen. As we embrace the possibilities and opportunities to affect how we work, with whom we relate, and in what way we perform - then our own work-related outcomes will increase and improve. When we take seriously the need to reflect on our achievements and failures, then we can decide on methods, techniques and strategies to improve.

This is called learning

David Simmonds


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