Sunday, March 28, 2004

Appraisal and Personal Development Planning

Just recently, our Knowledge Contributions Tool has been used to help a small group of healthcare managers decide how to approach the thorny issue of Appraisal and Personal Development Planning across a variety of Womens Support Services. They completed the questionnaire and with the results were able to discover the appropriate attitudes and skills they needed to help them introduce appraisal to an partly unwilling group, these results were presented across three interdependent learning dimensions:


They started to discuss some of the pitfalls they might experience regarding the process itself and how their strengths as identified by the 'tool' could be used to an advantage in this initiative. In additon to this further skills and knowledge development needs have emerged in a range of areas to expand on these findings.

This application gave a over 75% accuracy rating of the Knowledge Contributions Tool.

Click on the sub title of this post which will take you to the registration page of the 'Tool' and try it for yourself whilst it is still in its beta testing mode which is likely to last up until end of August 2005.

Józefa Fawcett


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