Thursday, September 16, 2004

Barbie comes to KM

During some early morning research I stumbled across a great computer software package that brings 'life' to your website from SitePal

They have developed a programme that produces a computerised 'talking' figure head that ‘speaks’ your own words directly to online visitors. You choose the most appropriate clothes, hair, glasses, jewellery, styling, gender, voice and even the language you want your 'head' to speak. Click on the subtitle above to go directly to the site and use the ‘try now’ button to see for yourself - have fun!

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with everything that IT programmers develop and equally challenging to find uses for them that go beyond the gimmicky and actually enhance our knowledge development and creation practices.

What is so exciting about this latest technology is that is can be used as both a learning and communication tool par excellence! Even my seven-year old daughter is in on the act and loves playing with her own version of electronic 'beauty' customisation

With youngsters learning this wonderful way to communicate the fantasy world in their minds, online, how long before the blurring of fantasy and reality reaches mystifying heights.

Is this is just another rung in the so-called beginning of the end of (human) f2f communications or the opening of a wonderful door to a world of previously untapped knowledge creation?

Happy playing from the KnowledgeWorx team!

Józefa and David

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