Thursday, February 17, 2005

Come and see KnowledgeWorx in Singapore

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Why not come and meet David in Singapore, doing what KnowledgeWorx does best, linking Organisational Learning, Knowledge Workers and KM..

This unique Masterclass, organised by ARK Asia, allows participants to get underneath their KM systems and processes and focus on people who can make this happen.

Regular updates on how this is going will feature on this blog asynchronously whilst David is over there and I am over here (ahhhhh).

Hope some of you can join him or pass this information to colleagues and friends who might want to make the trip.


For business information and conference speaking requests for KnowledgeWorx across America, Africa or Asia contact


Blogger David St Lawrence said...

Beautiful blog design. You need to post more often. It is obvious that you enjoy your work, but you have not shared with us why it is you do it and why you enjoy it.

Yes, you are professional, but there is more to business than facts and figures. Your passion for bringing knowledge to others deserves expanded treatment. Let more of your personalities show through, because,like it or not, that is why people do business with you.

And finally, figure out how to add trackbacks to your blog and how to use trackbacks when commenting on other's blogs.

Other than that, you're practically perfect! :)

Keep up the good work!

10:40 am  
Blogger Józefa said...


What can we say but 'thank you' for your wonderful comments and appreciation of our blog.

We are still a fledgling company that chooses to remain small and select. It is true however that we thoroughly enjoy what we do, and the reaction we get from those we work with encourages us further - especially when we see the impact we have.

From sessions we have run, participants often highlight how they are utilising their new found knowledge and skills and key knowledge-sharing principles in their own organisations.

Our learning journey is continuous and as a pair of individuals with limited knowledge of all things technical, we are testimony to what can be acheived from simply a raw interest, determination and hours of research, reflection and practice. Obviously, our next key project is TRACKBACK..

We hope you will come back and join us here again. It has been great communicating with you.

1:51 pm  

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