Thursday, March 10, 2005

'KWorx Roving Reporter' writing from Singapore

David writes:

The Grand Hyatt hotel here in Singapore is magnificent. The staff here quietly get on with their work, and achieve a very high standard - which, from my experience of working in many conference centres and hotels throughout the world, is most unusual. All the delegates have been duly impressed.

From just this first day, the 16 learners have accomplished a great deal. They have blended very well, participated without question, and been open to new challenges. In addition to a great deal of new understanding, they have also received personal feedback using the Kworx Tool, on their own knowledge work contributions. Moreover, several of the participants have remarked how delightful and refreshing they have found the Masterclass, in so far as it appears to be distinctly different from many other KM conferences and seminars, which often contribute only to the areas of IT when discussing Knowledge Management issues. The delegates have enjoyed discovering much more about the human aspects of knowledge sharing, and about about the social imperatives to enabling organisational sustainability.


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