Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The E in learning is growing!

With so many technological advances these days, it is still surprising that some 'traditional trainers' fail to use this medium to support and underpin their learning programmes.

Of course the financial outlay for sophisticated CBT programmes, Internet-based learning, in-house Content Managment System and Learning Management System (CMS & LMS) can be a factor.

There are however, many FREE options to try before committing to such major expenditure so that organisations can find out what eLearning and bLearning has to contribute to learning per se.

Options like Blogging, discussion forums, online networking and Online-Open Space Technology (OST) - even the humble eMail has a part to play in enabling learning to take place in a variety of ways, and not just in the classroom.

bLearning (blended learning) is a term fast becoming much maligned as 'just another fad', yet looking beyond this tag, there is a wealth of opportunity to make learning (and training and the acquisition of information that is then processed into knowledge) interesting and exciting.

Universities run courses in eTutoring and online spaces are used in many company intranets, so whether we like it or not, the E in learning is growing (so is the A by the way) and those responsible for undertaking training and learning within organisations need to learn how to use it to its full potential.

At KnowledgeWorx we have been developing our own B.A.D.M.I.C.E. approach to learning and development. We run this session as an open Klinix, targeted at those responsible for training others to learn how to apply a wide range of learning methodologies in their workplace and help them to conduct blended learning capability assessments to support this exciting approach to Knowledge Creation and Sharing.

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