Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It is so nice to be appreciated!

Having just received some wonderful and unsolicited feedback from David's recent conference in Thessaloniki, I felt it needed to be published in full here.

In a previous posting, one comment came from David St Lawrence, who really liked our blog and could see how much we enjoy our work, but wanted us to be clearer about why, so for you David and others, this is the reason..

"Dear Mr David Simmonds,

It was a real pleasure having the chance to meet you at the conference recently. For me, your presentation made the difference to the whole conference. It elevated the subject to more expanded and valuable meanings. Also I consider meeting people from the same "family of thought" as a gift from life, everytime it happens. I hope that more and more people will share similar characteristics of decency, modesty, insight, friendliness and good intention.

Lastly, I would like to return your invitation, and let you know that it will be my greatest pleasure to provide hospitality for you in Athens whenever your road leads you to our sunny country.

With warm regards,

Maria Eleni Arabatzi
Management & Organisational Development,
Kraft Foods, Greece."

Way to go David!


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