Sunday, October 07, 2007

KWorx is changing - just a little!

Since May this year, David and I, have been reviewing the feedback we have received from those who have been using our Situational Knowledge Profiler in a variety of different work contexts. We will be sharing this feedback and new ways to use this over the next few months and hope to bring you some exciting new developments and ideas to enhance Knowledge Sharing and Development. Much of what we are researching and producing builds upon the exciting and emerging fields of:

  • HBDI brain dominance methodologies (Herrmann)
  • Creativity and Innovation Management concepts
  • Complexity, Chaos and Sensemaking theories (Dave Snowden)
  • Narrative capture & Storytelling (Steve Denning)

These sit very well with the philosophy of SKP which is all about Attitudinal Development.

More soon.........

The KnowledgeWorx team!
Józefa and David


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