Sunday, June 18, 2006

KWorx are off to Italy!

David, on behalf of KnowledgeWorx, is off on his travels once again and this time it is to Tuscany in Italy on 4th July, in advance of this exciting trip he writes:
"I will be presenting, with a colleague, a very exciting paper on a new and unique area of interest to a great many people. For the very first time, we have developed a completely innovative theoretical model to align third-generation KM with deutero-learning! And ... we also created a distinctive tool with which to assess the practical links between learning and KM. And ...we have already tested the model and the tool empirically across three continents at a global organisation. Not only were the model and tool validated, but also the corporation has received some pioneering recommendations concerning the development of its knowledge workers."
If you want to know more about the model, or the tool, then please get in touch here you can also go to our website for infomation about our other events and publications


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