Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prague was beautiful and the learning sublime!

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The E.C.L.O. conference in Prague was once again a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with an eager audience. These events each year prove how effective networking can really be achieved, especially when you consider that E.C.L.O. is in its 13th year and still going strong as the oldest and longest surviving Community of Learning.

Here am I with one of the Innovation Award nominees, Veda Suraj (Infosys, India), in fact she and her colleague Bharathi Rao (not in picture) picked up the Practitioner Award Merit of Distinction. There were three Awards in all, see below the winners of each category.

Academic Award - for the most ground breaking doctoral / academic contribution
Winner - Ton Bruining (KPC Group)
Merit Distinction - Malcolm Higgs (Henley Management College) & Richard Dealtry (IPC)

Practitioner Award - for the most pioneering case study
Winner - Barrie Oxtoby (UK)
Merit Distinction - Veda Suraj & Bharathi Rao (Infosys, India) & Sandeep Dua & Sambit Mohapatra (NIIT Ltd, India)

Impact Award - for the presentation having the greatest personal impact
Winner - Tim Andrews (StretchCoaching)
Merit Distinction - Bianka Lichtenberger (Malik Management Centre) & Sandeep Dua & Sambit Mohapatra (NIIT Ltd, India)

KnowledgeWorx was proud this year to not only be part of the Conference organising committee but also establishing for the first time this year a Knowledge Speakers Café - which was a great hit, highly useful and something KnowledgeWorx will be running again at future conferences.

Watch out for information about next years' event either on this blog or at the main E.C.L.O. site.

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